In our company, there have been different prototypes with different technologies, we expose some Embed vinyl areas in holes made on a support, preferably vinyl, plus cut adhesive letters to manufacture alto relieves texts and pictograms.

Result: Spheres of Braille, emerging from its location alone, with ambient temperature changes with ease.

Spot diameter usually very small, it is recommended to be between 1.9 and 1.8 mm. see report Navarra Retina Assoc.

The reliefs of the texts and pictograms emerge; sometimes just to rub with a cloth for cleaning. (Text and fine drawings to the touch)

The material used is highly flammable and vinyl release harmful gases upon combustion, the fire can propagate and can therefore compromise the evacuation of buildings, transportation etc. ... see among others, Building Technical Code, CTE. and regulations of the Order of the Gob Industry Dep. Vasco, outdoor signalling with elevator access and high-relief Braille signs must be made of durable materials and fire resistant. (BOE 19 of 29 January 1997).