Being pioneers in the industry, with over 20 years of experience in making accessible signalling, we guarantee the quality of our products.

Due to the result of a continuous innovative work, we are able to offer a unique product in the market, with an unbeatable durability guaranty.

All current manufacturing systems, which are in the market, have been tested by our company, and in some cases, included in our production line. The conclusion was that the current manufacturing system, based on the stamping on a metal sheet support, offers the best definition, homogeneity in texts and reliefs, the best
Braille dot diameter 1.9 mm, and it is completely spherical. See the Statement of AENOR 170,002, as well as the durability of the reliefs; these do not flow, as occurs with other systems available in the market.

All this, combined with a photographic resolution printing, and non-flammability of the labels, see the Technical Building Code, we can ensure an irrefutable quality.

Photographs, drawings, artwork, signs for buildings, tours ... are some works that we have performed, represented with the highest definition and durability (graph-aluminium system, resistance of 20 years abroad) see resistance table.

You project and we adapt your project in high relief and Braille ... You are the one who put a limit to the imagination.